SR 503-NW Onsdorff Boulevard Intersection Improvements


Battle Ground will use local funds to complete design, permitting, and to secure the necessary property right of way for this project. The city is currently working to obtain funding for the construction phase of this project, so the budget and schedule for this portion of the project is yet to be fully determined.  

Project Timeline

This project is currently undergoing preliminary engineering.  

TaskStartPhase Completed
Preliminary Engineering2023 - 2nd QuarterCurrent phase
Right of WayTBDTBD


Before the intersection design is determined, the project will first undergo an alternative analysis. This analysis involves the forecasting of the future demand for the base model and the testing of various project alternatives to determine the optimally performing solution.  Factors such as (but not limited to) traffic safety, transportation standards, and geographical characteristics will be considered when determining the final design.  

The following schematics show the preliminary design concepts for the SR 503 and NW Onsdorff Boulevard intersection improvement:  

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Design Concept - Roundabout

Design CONCEPT - Roundabout 503 and Onsdorff

Design Concept - Traffic Signal

Design CONCEPT - Traffic Signal 503 and Onsdorff

Project Location

NW Onsdorff Blvd & Hwy 503

Project Outreach Materials: