West 8th Avenue / West Main Street - Left Turn Lane Improvements

This project removed the westbound left-turn pocket into the Jackson’s gas station business area, which allowed for the extension of the eastbound left-turn pocket at W 8th Avenue and the westbound left-turn pockets at SR 503. In addition, flashing yellow turn arrows were added on West Main at W 8th Avenue. The goal of this project was to improve operations at both the SR 503 and W 8th Avenue intersections with W Main Street. The project was completed in September of 2020 at a cost of $160,000. Funding for the project was through the 2015 Connecting Washington funding package.

West Main at NW 8th Avenue looking west towards SR 503 before construction

West Main Street and NW 8th Ave looking West towards SR 503

West Main at NW 8th Avenue looking east towards Parkway Avenue after construction

Picture - After 2 - 8th Avenue

New flashing yellow signal at W 8th Avenue & W Main St.

Picture - After 5 - 8th Avenue

Project Location

Project Location - West 8th Ave and Main Street