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Community Development

  1. Code Compliance Request
  2. Special Events Permit Application

    For festivals, concerts, performances, block parties, parades, photo/video shoots, walks, runs, bike rides, sporting events, picnics,... More…

  1. Contact Us - Community Development

Community Development - Building

  1. Inspection Request

    Community Development Department request for building construction inspection

Executive Department

  1. City Hall Tour Request
  2. Parks & Community Engagement Advisory Board Application

    The Parks & Community Engagement Advisory Board makes recommendations to city council in regards to public parks, playgrounds, and... More…

  3. Proclamation Request Form
  1. City Manager's Office
  2. Planning Commission Application

Fire Marshal

  1. Fireworks Stand Lottery Application

    Eligible non-profit organizations wanting to sell fireworks during the 4th of July and New Year's season must first apply for the... More…

  1. Public Education / Community Outreach Request

    Fire District 3 Public Education / Community Outreach Request

INTERNAL FORMS - Public Information

  1. Public Information & Engagement Planning (Internal)

    Use this form to plan and provide public information to the Communications Manager for publication.

Parks & Recreation

  1. Contact Us - Parks & Recreation
  2. Facility Rental Inquiry
  1. Event Rental Feedback

    Please take a few minutes to help provide us with some feedback regarding your rental experience.