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Battle Ground University - Student Feedback

  1. Battle Ground University: Student Feedback

    Congratulations, you have completed Battle Ground University (BGU)!  We appreciate you sharing your time with us as we discussed all that goes into making our wonderful community operate.

    Your feedback is very important as we look forward to hosting future BGU students.  Please answer the following questions that will be used to help us expand and grow Battle Ground University.  Thank you! 

  2. Did you learn something new at BGU?
  3. Please explain.   

  4. Were there any topics you wanted to learn more about?
  5. Class duration:
  6. (This can be class specific, should some sessions be longer than others?  If so, please specify)

  7. Class Locations:
  8. City Hall
  9. Community Center
  10. Police Station
  11. Program Communications (please select all that apply)
  12. Course Content (please select all that apply):
  13. Please let us know if there is anything more you would like to share about your experience with Battle Ground University. 

  14. Would you be comfortable with sharing any comments about BGU with the City Council during the "Graduation Ceremony"?
  15. Would you recommend BGU others?
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