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Police Services: Community Satisfaction Survey

  1. Please note that pursuant to the state’s Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), documents are public records and may be subject to public disclosure. 

  2. This survey is being conducted by the Battle Ground Police Department in an effort to better gauge our level of service with members of the community. Thank you for your input.
  3. What is your overall perception of the level of safety and security in the City of Battle Ground?
  4. Battle Ground Police Officers respond to emergency calls in a timely manner.
  5. Battle Ground Police Officers treat people with respect.
  6. The Battle Ground Police Department does its job well.
  7. Which of the following do you believe are the 3 most important serious crime problems in the City of Battle Ground. (Please select up to 3 boxes)
  8. How do you stay informed and up-to-date on crime, safety issues, and security within the City of Battle Ground?
  9. Contact with Battle Ground Police Department
  10. Have you had contact with a member of the Battle Ground Police Department within the last 12 months?
  11. Was your contact with a member of our department a:
  12. In your contact with the Battle Ground Police Department, were you a:
  13. During your contact with our department , how would you rate the overall service you received from the officer/department member?
  14. Optional Information
  15. Age
  16. Race
  17. Are you a resident in the City of Battle Ground?
  18. Do you own or represent a business in the City of Battle Ground?
  19. Would you like a member of the department to contact you?
    If yes, please list your contact information below.
  20. Contact Information
    When completing this form, it is not necessary that you provide your name or contact information; anonymous submissions will be accepted.
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