Street Lights, Signals & Signage

Street Lights

The City of Battle Ground’s Engineering Division is responsible for design, construction, repair and maintenance of street lights within the City.

Street lighting provides improved roadway safety. There are currently about 2,500 street lights within the City of Battle Ground. The City uses LED lights, which use far less power than high pressure sodium lights.

The City currently does not have budget to install new street lights on existing streets. All new street lights will be installed with capital projects or as a requirement of development.

Reporting Street Light Outage

If there is a street light out in your neighborhood please complete a Citizen Action Request. Repairs generally take 2-weeks to address. Please have the Street Light ID (a 9-digit number starting with B that is located on a strap around the light pole), general location, and description of the problem when sending a request.


The City of Battle Ground’s Engineering Division is responsible for design, construction, and contracts with Clark County Signals for programming, repair, and maintenance of traffic signals within the City. There are currently five traffic signals that the City is responsible for:

  • W 8th Avenue (Safeway)/W Main Street
  • W 5th Avenue/W Main Street
  • Parkway Avenue/Main Street
  • S Parkway Avenue/S Eaton Boulevard
  • SE Grace Avenue/SE Eaton Boulevard

There are additional traffic signals along SR 503 (NW/SW 10th Avenue) and SR 502 (W Main Street), which are the responsibility of the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Additionally, there are two pedestrian activated flashing crosswalk signals within the City:

  • W 3rd Avenue/W Main Street
  • NW 20th Avenue/NW Onsdorff Boulevard

For decades, most traffic signals were governed by timers, which dictated how much green/yellow/red time a movement receive regardless of the amount of traffic there was. Magnetic detectors improved this by being able to detect vehicles and change signals based on the amount of traffic. New technology, such as radar detection, has allowed further improvement of signal timing for efficient and safe traffic flow. The City of Battle Ground’s signals currently use magnetic detection. In 2017, the signal at S Parkway Avenue/S Eaton Boulevard was upgraded to radar detection as part of the City’s S Parkway Avenue project. In 2018, the signal at W 8th Avenue/W Main Street will be upgraded to radar detection as part of the City’s SR 503/SR 502 Congestion Relief project. In 2018 and 2019, the City’s signals will receive controller upgrades, cameras at two locations, and will be connected to Clark County’s central server, which will allow for better signal timing, quicker timing adjustments, and reduced maintenance costs as part of the Small Cities ATMS project. A majority of this project will be funded via a federal grant. 

If you see a traffic signal out please report it to the Operations Division at 360-342-5350.


The City of Battle Ground’s Public Works Department is responsible for the design, construction, repair, and maintenance of signs within the City. The City contracts with Clark County to maintain and operate electronic signs such as school zone speed limit signs.

The installation of signage is tightly regulated by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), which is published by the Federal Highway Administration. The MUTCD requires that certain requirements be met before a sign is installed at a particular location.

If there is a sign missing in your neighborhood or if you want to request a sign please complete a Citizen Action Request.