Street Sweeping, Snow Removal, Leaves

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping makes a community look clean and tidy. It also keeps dirt, debris, and other contaminants from washing into storm drains, reducing the harmful effects of polluted storm runoff on fish and other aquatic life.

The Public Works Operations Division sweeps residential areas three times per year. Residential Sweeperareas are broken into quadrants. These quadrants are swept on the first full week of the month for which sweeping is scheduled. In the case of inclement weather sweeping will be moved to the following week. View this year's Sweeping Schedule.

Main thoroughfares, such as Main Street and Grace Avenue, are swept every Friday throughout the City.

The City does not sweep SR 503 (NW/SW 10th Avenue) as it is under the jurisdiction of the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Snow Removal

Typically, areas within the City of Battle Ground do not get a lot of snow and ice. The Public Works Operations Division, however, is always prepared for inclement weather and works hard to keep streets open and passable.

Snow PlowDuring snow and ice events, the crews focus on main thoroughfares, commercial areas, hilly areas, and City facilities. View the City’s Snow Plow Routing and Deicing maps.

If you need help in preparing for winter driving, please view the Winter Driving Guide prepared by the Washington State Department of Transportation or view these handy winter driving tips put together by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. 

While the city works hard to keep streets open and passable during inclement weather, per municipal code 12.108.020 Snow and Ice Removal it is the responsibility of the owner or occupant of private property to remove snow and ice on the sidewalks abutting his or her property in a timely manner and, if practical, prevent it becoming or remaining in an icy, ridged, uneven or humped condition or in a condition, which is potentially hazardous to users of the public sidewalks. 


Residents should not blow, rake, sweep, or dump leaves or other yard debris onto the Leavesstreet with the expectation that the material will be swept up.  Additionally, residents are not allowed to dump yard debris into parks or open spaces abutting or near their homes.

Leaves can clog storm drains creating flooding problems and traffic hazards.  

Residents may put their leaves into yard debris carts for curbside pickup.