Long Range Planning

The Growth Management Act, adopted by the Washington State Legislature in 1990, directs cities within the State to plan for growth to help combat suburban sprawl, environmental degradation, and related issues that accompany rapid population growth. 

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan provides broad guidance on development practices within the City to address those concerns reflected in the Growth Management Act.  The plan is intended to reflect expected growth for a 20-year period.

Phase 1 - Long Range Planning

The City completed a Community Vision and Strategic Action Plan in December 2018. The plan reflects core community values, addresses emerging trends and issues, imagines a preferred future, and promotes local action. The vision findings was added to a Strategic Action Plan to help the City direct its efforts and resources toward a defined vision for the future.

Phase 2 - Long Range Planning

The City is in the process of developing a Land Management and Transportation System Plan update based off the recent Community Vision and Strategic Action Plan adoption. The purpose of updating both plans is to lay the groundwork for what will provide a successful future for development and preservation of Battle Ground, while identifying areas of growth and viable economic development.

Phase 3 - Long Range Planning

Phase 3 will consist of updating its Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan that will emphasize interconnected recreational amenities highlighting the area’s natural resources and wetland features. Additionally, the City will update its Capital Plan to assure infrastructure keeps up with current growth.

Phase 4 - Long Range Planning

Phase 4 will entail sub-area planning, funding and execution, and periodic review to monitor success.

Supporting Plans

Vision and Strategic Action Plan



Natural Resources

Economic Development