Sewer System Plan

The City’s sewer system consists of a network of 58 miles of gravity and pressure sewer lines along with 12 lift stations. This network discharges into the Battle Ground Equalization Basin/Pump Station, which also receives wastewater from Meadow Glade and Hockinson through pressure sewer systems. The Meadow Glade and Hockinson pressure sewer systems are owned and operated by the Clark Regional Wastewater District (CRWWD). From there, the Wastewater is pumped approximately 16 miles to be treated at the Salmon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant which is owned and operated by the Discovery Clean Water Alliance (DCWA). The DCWA is made up of a consortium of municipal agencies including the City of Battle Ground, City of Ridgefield, Clark County, and Clark Regional Wastewater District and provides a cost effective and efficient way of providing treatment to the region’s sewer.