Sub-Area Planning

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Parks Master Plans

Guided by the community’s vision set forth in the PROS Plan, the City has begun developing site specific master planning for Remy, Gardner Oaks, Fairground Park and Durkee properties to determine their potential as recreational amenities for the Battle Ground Community.  

The public is invited to review the conceptual designs and provide their input to help determine the best uses and phased development of these future park properties.  

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Remy Property

Generally located on the NE corner of SW 20th Avenue and SW Scotton Way.

This 80.2-acre property is centrally located in Battle Ground.  A preliminary site analysis would be necessary to determine the extent of wetlands, as well as understand any regulatory or mitigation measures that may apply to development of a park at the site.  Future park amenities would need to be planned around wetlands, critical areas, and other site constraints. 

Gardner Oaks Property

Located on the east side of SR 503 near SW 10th Street.

This 12.98-acre, undeveloped park consists of mown fields with groups of trees divided by a drainage swale that bisects the flat property at an angle from southeast to northwest.  While this property has adequate acreage for a well-provisioned community park, potential development of the Garnder Oaks location would likely be impacted by the presence of wetlands on site.  

Fairgrounds Park

912 E. Main Street

This 8.53-acre park earned its name by being the original site of the Clark County Fair. Currently, the park is home to the Battle Ground Community Center, the city’s 25,000 sq. ft. Skate & Bike Park, baseball and softball fields.

Durkee Property

Located on the north side of NE 219th Street and approx. NE 173rd Avenue.

In March 2012, Clark County deeded the 35-acre Durkee property to the City of Battle Ground, which had been originally gifted to Clark County with the caveat that it would only be used as park and open space purposes. The north and west sides of the property are forested with Douglas fir and cedar trees; the site also supports an old holly orchard. The western side of the property is constrained by steeper forested slopes.  The remainder of the property consists of improved pasture and moderately hilly topography.  The site also includes the headwaters of a small tributary to Salmon Creek.