Jury Duty

Being Summoned

The United States Constitution and the Washington State Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to trial by an impartial jury. Justice ultimately depends in large measure on the jurors who serve in our courts.

If you have received a Juror Questionnaire from Battle Ground Municipal Court, you have been summoned to serve as a juror for the Battle Ground Municipal Court.  The term of service is for two weeks. You will be “on call” for the two weeks indicated on your Juror Questionnaire, however you will typically only be asked to report on Tuesdays. We make every effort to not ask anyone to serve more than once during a term.  

Juror Questionnaires once completed may be returned to the Court offices in person, by mail, by fax to (360) 342-5159, or emailed to court.info@cityofbg.org

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