Taxpayer Information

Property tax, sales tax, and utility tax are the principal sources of revenue the city uses to provide core municipal services:

  • Public Safety (Police, Fire/EMS, Judicial)
  • Public Works (Streets; Lights; Public Facilities; Engineering)
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Community Development (Planning; Building; Business Licensing; Code Compliance; Economic Development) 

Property Taxes

The City of Battle Ground property tax rate in 2020 is $1.35 per $1,000 (down from $1.37 in 2019) of the property’s assessed value . This is referred to as the “mill rate”.

A homeowner in the city with property assessed at $310,000 pays $417 in 2020 for city property taxes that is consigned to the city’s general fund to pay for core municipal services such as police, fire/EMS, streets, parks and recreation, and community development. 

Your property tax bill is a combination of taxes paid to the various service jurisdictions in which you reside: city, school district, county, state, library, and cemetery district. In 2020,the city receives 15.49% of the total property taxes you pay to provide core municipal services.

2020 Property Tax Distribution 

(based on property assessed at $310,000)

Taxing Jurisdiction
2020 Mill Rate      (Rounded)
 Annual  Property Tax% of Total Property Tax
City of Battle Ground1.35$417.4715.49%
Battle Ground Public Schools3.08$956.0135.47%
Washington State (Schools)2.85$883.3532.78%
*Clark County1.03$320.4211.89%
Fort Vancouver Library District0.35$109.344.06%
Cemetery District0.03$8.310.31%
TOTAL8.69$2,694.90 100% 

*The Clark County property tax rate is a combination of several rates including General Fund, Conservation Futures, Developmental Disabilities, Mental, Health, and Veterans Assistant. 

Individual property owners can determine exactly what they pay in property taxes and how the taxes are distributed:

  1. Log on to the Clark County Property Information Center and enter street address or tax account number
  2. Select the Taxes tab
  3. Select the Tax Distribution link

Property value is assessed by the Clark County Assessor’s Office and property taxes are collected by the Clark County Treasurer.

Sales Tax

All sales within the City of Battle Ground are subject to a sales tax rate of 8.4%. Sales and use tax are collected by the WA State Department of Revenue and distributed back to various governmental agencies.

A consumer making a $100 purchase in the City of Battle Ground will pay $8.40 of sales tax. The city receives just over 10% of the tax collected (a total of 85 cents on a $100 purchase) to provide core municipal services. The balance is distributed to other governmental service entities as shown below.

Sales Tax Distribution on $100 purchase

EntityAmount of Sales Tax Received
City of Battle Ground0.85
Washington State6.50
Clark County0.15
Law & Justice Fund0.10
Mental Health Fund0.10
 TOTAL Sales Tax Paid$8.40 

Utility Taxes

Effective June 1, 2020: A utility tax of 12% is charged to customers of city-operated utilities (water, sewer and stormwater drainage).

  • A utility tax rate decrease (from 22% to 12%) became effective June 1, 2020. The decrease was originally planned to take effect in January of 2021 as a means to help offset the cost of voter-approved annexation to Fire District 3. However, with residents and business experiencing financial hardships related to COVID-19, City Council took action to implement the decrease immediately.

Utility taxes are imposed on businesses that provide utilities within the City of Battle Ground at the following rates:

  • Telephone, Natural Gas, Electricity - 6%
  • Cable - 5%
  • Garbage - 10%

How do Battle Ground taxes compare to other Clark County cities?

To answer that question, we gathered tax-rate data from each city and from the Clark County Treasurer's office, and applied it to a standard resident profile. The data, the process, and the results are available at Taxes, City Services, and Value.

Taxes, City Services, and Value - a Tax Comparison

2020 Tax Comparison Graph