Hearing Examiner

Attending Public Hearings via Zoom

Participants can join Zoom meetings by computer/smartphone or by a landline phone. If you join by computer or smartphone, you will be able to see other participants and view a shared screen. If you are unable to join by computer or smartphone, you may dial in for audio and voice only.

Upcoming Public Hearings

How to submit testimony

Please send an e-mail to City staff at comdev.info@cityofbg.org with the case number name, case number, and your testimony.

Due to remote working conditions necessitated by the COVID-19 public health threat, e-mail is strongly preferred. However, you may also submit written testimony to the City of Battle Ground Planning Department, 109 SW 1st Street, Suite 127, Battle Ground, WA 98604.

How to participate during the hearing

If you would like to testify at the public hearing please contact City staff at comdev.info@cityofbg.org or via phone at 360-342-5047 by 5:00 PM the day before the hearing is scheduled. 

If you were unable to reach staff by the deadline listed above you will still have an opportunity to testify during the public hearing.

Helpful Handouts

Joining Zoom Meetings 101

The hearing examiner is a contractual employee hired by the City of Battle Ground to impartially preside over land use and appeal hearings. Land use actions that are included within the hearing examiner’s purview include: subdivisions, conditional use permits, variances, and re-zones. The hearing examiner also presides over appeals of land use decisions.

Staff Report and Recommendation to the Hearing Examiner

Wapiti Hills Subdivision (PR: 48-2019) February 25, 2020

New Century Subdivision (PR: 66-2019) January 3, 2020

View the Archive Center for previous staff reports and recommendations.


Wapiti Hills Subdivision (PR: 48-2019) March 4, 2020

New Century Subdivision (PR: 66-2019) January 31, 2020

Agendas are posted prior to the hearing. Please visit the Agenda Center for current and past Agendas.

Hearing Examiner Final Decisions

Wapiti Hills (PR: 48-2019) March 20, 2020

New Century Subdivision (PR: 66-2019) January 3, 2020

View the Archive Center for previous hearing examiner final decisions.