Business Licensing

The City of Battle Ground partners with the Washington State Department of Revenue, Business Licensing Service (BLS), for the administration of its city business licenses.

Home Occupation Business and Specialty Business Licenses

Some occupations such as home occupation, peddlers, and mobile food businesses require a supplemental license in addition to holding a city business license through the Washington State Department of Revenue. Visit the City’s specialty licenses page and BGMC Title 5 for more information on how to obtain a supplementary license.


Annual City License Fees - Application or Renewal
Description  Fee
 New Business License Filing Fee (inclusive of 24.00 filing fee) $65
 Renewal Fee $41
 Home Occupation Fee (inclusive of 65.00 new BL application fee) $121

Note: License applications and renewals are subject to State processing fees. Fees are found at Washington DOR City Business License.