Property & Evidence

The Property and Evidence Unit of the Battle Ground Police Department is responsible for maintaining the integrity of property and evidence in accordance with state laws and departmental policies.

Property/ Evidence Return

When items are eligible for release, the owners are notified via mail of the proper procedures for retrieving property. Property return is conducted by appointment only. If you believe we have property belonging to you, call the Property and Evidence Unit at 360-342-5234 or contact us here. Please have your case number and other information available.

Claiming Found Property

In accordance with the RCW 63.21.010, individuals may lay claim to found property. The applicable State RCW and instructions for this procedure may be found at the Washington State Legislature website. It is your responsibility to contact us at the end of the 60 day wait period. No notices will be sent.  To claim found property, complete the Intent to Claim form.

Online Auctions

The Battle Ground Police Department utilizes the services of to auction recovered, lawfully seized, or unclaimed property of every kind and description, remaining unclaimed for 60 days or more.  Property Room makes auctions available on an ongoing basis, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Bike Recovery Program

The Battle Ground Police Department recommends owners register their bicycles with  This free online tool connects our staff to a network of users and over 1,000 law enforcement agencies, cities, bike shops, and organizations with the common goal of recovering lost or stolen bikes!

Bike Index