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Tourism Grant Application

  1. Please note that pursuant to the state’s Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), documents are public records and may be subject to public disclosure. 

  2. Tourism grants for calendar year 2023 are available for the marketing or operations of special events, programs, and activities designed to attract tourists to Battle Ground. Grant funding is available by state law that requires the city's lodging tax revenue be used for events and activities that promote tourism in the city.
  3. Application Deadline

    Applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm on August 31, 2022.

  4. Organization & Activity/Event Information
  5. I am seeking funding for the following events or activities:*
    Check all categories that apply to this application.
  6. Please describe the proposed tourism related event or activity and explain how it will assist in building tourism and/or promoting events that will bring visitors to the City of Battle Ground.
  7. Funding Request and Budget Information
  8. Please upload a document that details the project budget including all income and expenses for the event or activity, including matching funds and in-kind contributions. Clearly show how lodging tax dollars will be used. If this is for a multi-year project, show each annual budget.
  9. Criteria for Selection of Lodging Tax Fund Recipients:
    • Whether the proposed expenditure is a permitted use of lodging tax fund
    • Whether the proposed expenditure has the potential to increase overnight visits
    • Whether the proposed expenditures creates a positive economic impact
    • Whether the applicant demonstrates a need for the funding and the ability to complete the project
    • Event has growth potential and organizer has a plan for increasing attendance
    • Organization or event promoter has a successful track record of organizing community events
  10. Certification
  11. Digital Certification
    I am an authorized agent of the organization/agency applying for funding. I understand that:
    • I am proposing a tourism-related service. If awarded, my organization intends to enter into a professional services agreement with the City of Battle Ground; provide liability insurance for the duration of the contract naming the City as an additional insured and in an amount determined by the City; and file for a permit to use City property, if applicable.
    • The City of Battle Ground will only reimburse those costs actually incurred by my organization or agency and only after the service is rendered. If provided by a third party and paid for, a request for reimbursement shall include copies of invoices and payment documentation.
    • My agency will be required to submit a report documenting economic impact results in a format determined by the City of Battle Ground.
    • This proposal and all documents filed with the City of Battle Ground are public records.
  12. Reporting Requirements
    All recipients of a funded request must submit a report to the City of Battle Ground describing the attendance and lodging nights for the event.
  13. Questions about this application or the Lodging Tax Fund? Contact the City of Battle Ground Finance Director at 360-342-5025.
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