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1. How do I find my court date?
2. What do I do if I have been called to jury duty?
3. I received a traffic infraction, what do I do?
4. When is Court in Session?
5. Can I reschedule my court date? Can I get a different time?
6. What happens if I fail to appear?
7. Can I find out if I have a warrant(s)?
8. If I come into court for my warrant will I go to jail?
9. Where can I make a payment after 5:00 pm?
10. Can I pay with a credit or debit card?
11. Can I make payments online?
12. Can I make monthly payments?
13. I can't make my payments, what should I do?
14. What happens if I miss my payment?
15. Why is my ticket at collections?
16. Can I do community service in lieu of payments?
17. Does the Court defer tickets?
18. How do I keep the traffic infraction off of my driving record?
19. How do I request Court documents?
20. How do I find out if someone is in jail?
21. How do I clear my license after I pay the fines?
22. Do you have the phone number for other courts?
23. How do I get a No Contact Order dropped?