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Community Center Vendor Application

  1. Bringing the Community Together!

    Thank you for your interest in being an event vendor or sponsor for an upcoming movie night! We look forward to working with businesses to provide high quality events and opportunities to the Battle Ground Community.

  2. Which Events are you Interested in*

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  3. Battle Ground Community Center. Caring. Connecting. Community.

  4. Will you be providing, selling or distributing food or beverages?*

  5. Will you be selling any goods? *

  6. General Information

    Out of fairness to the selected vendors we limit the amount of vendors selling the same or similar products. It is understood that the submission of the application does not guarantee a spot at the event. The event coordinator will notify vendors via email of their acceptance and approved product menu sales once the application has been received.

  7. Set-up & Breakdown

    Set-up start at 6 pm, vendors must be ready at 6:30 pm and serve until at least the event starts. Early departure is allowed so long at it does not distract from the event or cause public safety concerns. The event coordinator will make all placement decisions for the vendors for the good of the event.

  8. Vendor Responsibilities

    All Safety & fire regulations must be observed. Each vendor is responsible for the condition of their space during and after the event. Display space locations will be first come first serve basis per the application date.

  9. Upon Approval the following may be required:

    Proof of valid Business License, Proof of valid permit from Southwest Washington Health District Food Sales, Certificate of Liability Insurance, naming the City of Battle Ground as additional insured, and Payment for Vendor Fee

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