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How much do you know about water?

  1. 1. How long can a person live without water?
  2. 2. How much of the Earth's water is suitable for drinking?
  3. 3. While usage varies from community to community and person to person, on averaage, Americans use 183 gallons of water a day for cooking, washing, flushing, and watering purposes. The average family turns on the tap between 70 and 100 times daily.
  4. 4. On average, how much is used to hand wash dishes?
  5. 5. Rainwater is the purest form of water.
  6. 6. Fresh water is more acidic than salt water.
  7. 7. The ice that covers the Antarctic is more than 4,000 meters thick.
  8. 8. Water contracts when it freezes.
  9. 9. Condensation is water that comes from the air.
  10. 10. Water is composed of hydrogen and helium atoms.
  11. 11. How much of the Earth's surface is covered in water?
  12. 12. How much of all the freshwater in the world flows down rivers, lakes and streams?
  13. 13. Your body is made up of how much water?
  14. 14. When the dinosaurs ruled the world, was there:
  15. 15. How much of their water do people typically get from food?
  16. 16. Exercising in hot, humid conditions can make you dehydrated in as little as:
  17. 17. While exercising, most people should break for water every:
  18. 18. How much water does the average adult lose every day naturally?
  19. 19. Which of the following is an early warning sign of dehydration?
  20. 20. You should avoid drinks and snacks with sodium when you're trying to rehydrate.
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