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Special Events Permit Application

  1. Please note that pursuant to the state’s Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), documents are public records and may be subject to public disclosure. 

  2. Applicant Instructions
  3. Step 1:

    Submit the Special Event Permit Application a minimum of 60 days prior to the event. 

  4. Step 2:

    Staff will review the application and will contact you regarding any questions or documents needed.  

  5. Step 3:

    A final Special Event Permit will be issued once all required documents have been reviewed and payment has been made. 

  6. Event Information
  7. Is this a Non-Profit Group?*
  8. Please attach a copy of your State Non-Profit certificate.

  9. Insurance is required for all events.  

  10. How many days is the event?*
  11. Please include setup and tear down time. 

  12. Please include setup and tear down time. 

  13. Please upload the event's itinerary including setup and tear down time. 

  14. Contact Information
  15. Applicant:
  16. Main contact information

  17. If applicable

  18. Is the applicant the main contact on the day(s) of event?*
  19. If applicable

  20. Event Details
  21. Event Location
  22. Can be address that the event is taking place, or general location.

  23. City Parks*

    Please select the park where you plan to have your event.

  24. Have you filled out the Facility Rental Inquiry form?*
  25. Your request is subject to facility availability.

  26. Type of Event
  27. Please provide the details of your event.

  28. All events must submit a site plan of the event layout including location of vendor booths, food booths or carts, stages, fencing, tents, event entrance & exit points, emergency exits, how pedestrian access is separated from vehicular traffic/parking areas, etc.

  29. Events for parades, walks, runs, bike rides, or an event with street closures must provide a route map. A route map should include event route, location of portable toilets, first-aid station, water stations, barricade location for street closures, detour travel route, queueing location, etc.

  30. We understand these numbers may be estimated. 

  31. Food and Beverages
  32. Is food being served? *
  33. Type of Food Booth*
  34. A food permit along with a list of what is being served is required. 

  35. Tents/Canopies must meet fire retardant certification requirements and must have a fire extinguisher at the booth.

  36. Are alcoholic beverages being served?
  37. What type of alcoholic beverages will be served?*
  38. If you are serving beer/wine, Commercial general liability insurance is required. 

    You must have this to make your application complete. 

  39. If you are serving liquor, Liquor Liability Insurance is required.

    You must have this to make your application complete. 

  40. If you are a Non-profit, a Special Occasion License is required. 

    You must have this to make your application complete. 

  41. Special Equipment
  42. Does the event include any special equipment?*

    Please note: Quantities and dimension should be noted on the site map. 

  43. Is the stage elevated?*
  44. Please explain what special equipment is needed. 

  45. City utility services requested for use

    Requested City services may not be available at all locations and will be evaluated during the review process. 

  46. Signature
  47. This application is a request for a Special Event Permit and/or a Special Use Permit and does not guarantee that the permit request will be approved. Upon review, the applicant will be notified of the status of the event permit, including any special requirements or modifications the City may have, any applicable fee that may be assessed and any insurance requirements as deemed necessary.

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