What happens if annexation is approved?

If annexation is approved, the city will no longer have to pay the Fire District for services. (Fire/EMS will be provided to Battle Ground residents directly by Fire District 3.)   The city will utilize the funds that currently go to pay the contract on an annual basis as follows:

  • Utility Tax Decrease: Approximately $945,000 will be returned to city taxpayers in the form of a 46% tax decrease in water, sewer, and stormwater utility taxes. 
  • Roads: Critically needed maintenance and preservation of roads throughout the city, with the focus on local neighborhood streets and collectors.  Several local roads need immediate maintenance, for example NW 29th Avenue that serves the Lewisville neighborhood and is in severe need, would be one of many priorities.    ($750,000)
  • Police:  Additional police officers for increased traffic patrols, investigations, proactive policing, community outreach, and to re-implement the K-9 program.   ($550,000)
  • Parks & Trails:  Increased park maintenance, more playground equipment, and planning for future parks and trails.   ($175,000)
  • City Beautification: Enhancing street medians, public areas, and planting strips throughout the city.   ($25,000) 

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