What happens if annexation is not approved?

The fire/EMS services contract will exceed the city’s property tax collection revenues by 2021. Without annexation, emergency service levels would have to be reduced for the city to maintain a balanced budget.  The city has discussed what these and other service level cuts would be, including:

  • Cuts to personnel in fire and police, which means longer response times
    • For fire services:
      • Reducing types of calls responded to, such as falls at care facilities in the City
      • Reduced day time staffing at the City fire station 
      • Eliminating community service programs, such as free blood pressure checks, station tours, National Night Out, open houses, free smoke alarm installation, school prevention programs, and career night
      • Eliminating fire safety and prevention services in local schools
    • For police services:
      • Investigative priority will be crimes of violence and property crimes with known suspects; investigations will be delayed due to fewer staffing resources
      • Reduction in traffic enforcement and other community patrols
      • No police response to traffic accidents except for injuries and DUIs
      • No in-person police response for theft, fraud, vandalism where there is no suspect information (on-line reporting only) 
      • No police response to drug and vice complaints
      • Cuts to police participation in community events such as the downtown Halloween event, police station tours, National Night Out, Shop with a Cop, K-9 presentations, and Drug Take Back Days
  • Higher insurance premiums for home and business owners due to lower levels of emergency services 
  • Less street maintenance and preservation projects and street sweeping 
  • Infrequent mowing and watering of parks; closure of splash pads
  • Cuts to community center hours as well as summer playground and holiday programs and activities.

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