Does the city plan to reduce taxes to offset this cost?

Yes, to help offset the cost, the city will reduce its utility (water, sewer, stormwater drainage) tax from the current rate of 22% to 12% - a 46% decrease in the utility tax you pay.  For the average customer using 8 units of water and 6 units of sewer, the savings equates to $103 per year.   The reduction in utility tax is beneficial to both homeowners and renters.  The tax reduction, should annexation occur, was formalized by City Council on August 19, 2019 with Resolution #19-09.   

The remaining revenue will be used to fund better response times for fire and police (including investigative services and stronger traffic enforcement), more street maintenance and preservation projects, sidewalk repair and replacement, parks maintenance and planning for park and recreation facilities, and more programs and events that engage and strengthen community.

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6. Does the city plan to reduce taxes to offset this cost?
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