How much do property owners pay now, and would pay under annexation?

The amount an individual property owner pays varies because it is based on the assessed value of their property.  Currently, property owners pay the equivalent of $1.35 per $1,000 of Funding Videoassessed property value to the city for Fire/EMS services.  This is paid out of the city’s general property tax levy of $1.37/$1,000.  

Under annexation, the fire levy is projected to be $1.30/$1,000.  To determine the projected annual cost of a Fire/EMS levy, simply multiply $.0013 by the assessed value of your home.   For homes assessed between $300,000 and $400,000, the projected annual cost would range between $390 and $520.  (The median assessed value of a residential property in the city is $298,000.)   

To Annexation Calculatorhelp offset the cost, the city will reduce its utility (water, sewer, stormwater drainage) tax from the current rate of 22% to 12% - a 46%  decrease in the utility tax you pay should annexation occur. (The tax reduction is formalized in City Council Resolution #19-09.) For the average customer using 8 units of water and 6 units of sewer, the savings equates to $103 per year.  The reduction in utility tax is beneficial to both homeowners and renters.  

Any net increase in taxes is dependent on each individual’s circumstances.  This Annexation Calculator will help estimate projected costs under your individual circumstances.    **If the Annexation Calculator does not work with your browser, simply download it and open with Adobe Reader**  

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