Fence/Retaining Walls
  • Fences shall not be located within any:
    • Right-of-way
    • Easement
    • Designated fire lane
    • Within any required parking space
  • Fences shall not obstruct:
    • Safe vehicular or pedestrian passage
    • Ingress or egress
    • Any sight visibility triangles
  • Fences are limited to 6’ in height in commercial zones
  • The structural posts & framing members of the fence must be facing the interior of the lot. 
  • Fences & retaining walls 42” or less in height do not require a permit, unless such wall is structurally supporting a surcharge.
    • A “surcharge” on a retaining wall is any load in addition to level grade, within that area defined by a 45 degree angle from the bottom of the footing to level grade.
    • Please refer to our Municipal Code 17.135.080 regarding fencing. 
  • Documents must be filled out and uploaded to the portal at the time of application.
    • Currently we require one physical copy the plot plan. For guidance, you can look at our sample plot plan
    • One copy each of all other documents.
  • Applying for a permit: See "Permit Application Process"
  • Fencing fee is available in our Fee Schedule

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