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Owner/Builder Affidavit

Subcontractor information

  • Sub-contractors (who handle Mechanical (HVAC) or Plumbing) must have a Battle Ground Business License or Endorsement through the Department of Revenue (DOR) and specialty licensing through Labor & Industries (L&I). 
    • If the contractor needs information regarding their Department of Revenue Licensing, they can apply for it online at:
      • If there are any questions give the Vancouver DOR office a call, they are very helpful.
        Vancouver Department of Revenue
        8008 NE Fourth Plain Blvd #320, Vancouver, WA 98662
        (360) 256-2060
    • Labor and Industries – You can check contractor licensing at:
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    • Electrical permits and inspections are handled through Labor and Industries.
  • If you would like your contractors to schedule their own inspections, please see our inspection page
  • For further information such as Neighborhood Design Standards and sample plot plans please see "Help for Homeowners" and "Handouts"

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3. Zoning Information (Lot coverage limits, setbacks, etc)