Are there any site constraints on your property?

Your zoning will determine some of the regulations for your property.

How do you find your zoning, lot coverage, setbacks, etc.

  • You can find information by going to the Clark County GIS Property Information Center and searching for your address or parcel number (also known as the “Tax Account”).
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  • The Account page shows Subdivision information: 

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  • The “Codes” link directs you to the Battle Ground Municipal Code webpage, which provides additional information regarding your property’s zoning district.  
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  • Click on “Residential Districts”.
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  • The Battle Ground Municipal Code page provides a variety of information regarding building in Battle Ground.
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  • If you have any questions regarding Title 17 in our Municipal Code, please contact: for more information. 
  • Questions regarding critical areas can be directed to our Planning Department, please contact: for more information. 
  • Do you have a well and/or septic on-site? (These programs are managed by Clark County Health)
  • CCR’s and/or neighborhood rules and regulations, (these are regulated by private agreement and not enforced by the City).

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9. Are there any site constraints on your property?