What is a periodic update of the SMP?

The City of Battle Ground completed a comprehensive update of its Shoreline Master Program in 2012. Washington state law (WAC 173-26-090) requires jurisdictions to review and update their SMPs every eight years in accordance with the Shoreline Management Act (SMA) and its current guidelines and legislative rules to attain state approval. The City received a grant from the Washington Department of Ecology to support this update. The grant timeline calls for completing this periodic update by June 30, 2021. 

This periodic update will focus on:

  • Reviewing relevant legislative updates since the 2012 SMP update and incorporating any applicable amendments; 
  • Ensuring consistency with Battle Ground’s Comprehensive Plan Update; and 
  • Ensuring compatibility with other City regulations. 

This periodic update will NOT:

  • Re-evaluate the ecological baseline that was established as part of the 2012 SMP update;
  • Extensively assess no net loss criteria other than to ensure that proposed amendments do not result in degradation of the baseline condition; or 
  • Re-assess shoreline jurisdiction. 

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