2022 Budget

A Guide to the Budget Process

The City is in the process of developing its 2022 budget.  The budget has significant importance...

  • It represents City Council's goals and priorities
  • It serves as a guide to City operations
  • It identifies where your tax dollars and other revenues are being spent.

The budget is developed annually, but the budget process is ongoing and relies on strategic planning, public input, City Council goals, and economic indicators.  The budget must also comply with all state and federal requirements. 

Timeline and Public Participation

The public is invited and encouraged to participate as the budget is developed. Opportunities include listening in on City Council study sessions and meetings, and contributing to the dialogue during public hearings.  

City Council will adopt the final 2022 Budget in December after holding 3 public hearings.  

  • January - June  Budget Planning:  5-Year Needs Assessment; Succession Planning; Revenue & Expenditure Forecasting
  • July - September Study Sessions:  City Council review and discussion of departmental budgets in publicly held study sessions
  • October 18 City Council Meeting:  City Manager submits the 2022 Preliminary Budget to City Council  
  • November 1 City Council Meeting:  #1 Public Hearing on Budget (Revenue Sources)
  • November 15 City Council Meeting:  #2 Public Hearing on Budget (Preliminary Budget)
  • December 6 City Council Meeting:  #3 Public Hearing on Budget (Preliminary Budget) 

2022 Recommended Budget

Budget Document Graphic

City Council Guiding Principles

These goals and priorities were adopted by the City Council in 2019 following the completion of the Battle Ground Roadmap community visioning process and resulting Community Vision and Strategic Action Plan.  

Public Safety - Continue to invest in public safety efforts maintaining or increasing level of services and community outreach programs to ensure community well-being.

Livability - Preserve city infrastructure and services, and promote livability through multimodal transportation and interconnected parks and trail networks.

Beautification - Protect and promote the City of Battle Ground by improving presentation of city facilities and land to create a more welcoming environment for residents and visitors.

Efficiencies - Adopt financial initiatives that streamline government to ensure government services are delivered in a cost effective manner that is affordable and efficient.

Economic Development and Tourism - Put efforts towards expanding the city's economic base. Work on implementing the Community Vision by focusing on redevelopment of the downtown core, branding of the city, and targeted commercial and industrial sectors that will be successful in Battle Ground.

Managed Growth - Be strategic about future growth and annexation.  Ensure a balance of housing types and services are provided.  Continue to expand infrastructure needs to accommodate growth.  Future growth should be balanced, and diverse, including future housing development.

Strategic Planning/Partnerships - Implement Community Vision initiatives and continue planning and budgeting for future need.  Boost community partnerships to create cohesive programs and plans that are fiscally responsible and beneficial to the community as a whole.

Community Vision/Strategic Action Plan - Implement the Community Vision and Strategic Action Plan that was adopted in January of 2019. Ensure that council and staff revisit and update the Community Vision as as needed and focus on initiatives identified for both the city and the community.