Mobility for All - ADA Transition Plan

Improving Access to Public Rights-of-Way

The City of Battle Ground Americans with Disabilities Act Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan establishes the city’s ongoing commitment to providing equal access for all, including those with disabilities. 

In developing the plan, the city conducted a comprehensive evaluation of its facilities and policies related to the public rights-of-way to determine what types of access barriers exist for individuals with disabilities. The plan will guide planning and implementation of necessary accessibility improvements.

ADA Transition Plan

The city’s objective is to remove physical barriers associated within the public right-of-way using the Capital Improvement Program, maintenance, overlays, and grant funding. 

We are committed to removing these barriers and in future years will implement projects to remove barriers identified in the plan. In addition, the city is continually working towards maintaining ADA compliance for all future permitted development and any other right-of-way construction projects.