CARES Funding

The federal government issued $150 billion in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) funding.  Of that amount, Washington State received $2.95 billion and allocated $420 million to local governments.

The City of Battle Ground was awarded $968,400 in CARES funding to address costs related to the pandemic such as public health expenses, payroll expenses for mitigating or responding to the public health emergency, compliance with COVID-19 related public health measures, and economic support in connection with the public health emergency.

The Battle Ground City Council authorized allocations in the amount of $157,787 to assist Battle Ground HealthCare, North County Food Bank, and Fire District 3 with pandemic related expenses.  North County Food Bank was awarded $4,961 in personal protective equipment; Fire District 3 was awarded $73,151 for oxygen air compressor and Plexiglas shield; and Battle Ground HealthCare was awarded $79,676 for personal protective equipment and a UVC robot disinfector.

City Council also authorized $200,000 of CARES funding to be utilized to assist small businesses and individuals with low income with outstanding utility account balances. The city contacted 330 customers with delinquent accounts by phone and by mail, and promoted the program publicly. Forty of those 330 customers submitted applications, with 30 of them qualifying for the program.  Of the total amount authorized for the program, $19,850 was awarded to assist the 30 customers with their utility bills.  

The remaining CARES funds were utilized to assist the city with pandemic expenses, including:

  • Emergency leave associated with maintaining social distancing in accordance with state public health mandates, and quarantining of individuals:  $155,153
  • Employee time and effort expended to address the pandemic and additional procedures necessary to comply with mandates:  $134,071
  • Technology hardware and software to enable city employees to complete essential services remotely in order to comply with social distancing and closure mandates:  $123,547
  • Capital projects necessary to ensure compliance with public health mandates such as social distancing:  $282,667
  • Personal Protective Equipment and sanitation supplies to comply with public health emergency mandates:  $50,896
  • Merchant fees paid on behalf of customers making online payments while city hall is closed: $44,354

CARES Act funding was restricted to costs incurred between March 1, 2020 and November 30, 2020.  The funding source expired November 30, 2020.