Housing Action Plan

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The City of Battle Ground received a grant from the Department of Commerce to complete a Housing Action Plan. A Housing Action Plan identifies community housing needs and identifies ways the City can support development that is needed to build and strengthen our community.  


As the community grows, its needs for housing to grow with it. Housing is not just about shelter, but about creating a sense of home and building a strong community. Battle Ground’s Housing Action Plan (HAP) will assess local housing needs and identify policy strategies and implementation actions to increase local housing supply. 

Where we are now

The city, a team of consultants and stakeholders, will start reviewing Battle Ground's existing housing conditions and identify housing gaps within the community. We received 350 survey responses and wanted to thank everyone who took the time to participate! The city is currently reviewing databases and survey responses to fully understand the housing market. A summary of these findings will be added to this webpage once it's complete. 

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