Residential Permits: Categories & Information

Accessory Structures

Information: Accessory structures may include detached garage, detached carport and patio cover, deck, woodshed, utility building, or gazebo. One story accessory structures such as tool and storage sheds, playhouses, and similar uses do not require a permit provided that the floor area does not exceed 200 square feet.  Please see the Battle Ground Municipal Code for more information. 

Submittal Requirements: Residential Application and  (2) sets of paper plans reflecting site plan/floor plan, footing/foundation plans, framing and roof plans.

Fee: Based on valuation.


Information: All demolition work requires a permit and must have written approval from the SWCAA (Southwest Clean Air Agency).

Submittal Requirements: Demolition Application, site plan depicting all structures on property, and location(s) of demolition.

Fee: Demolition Permit


Information: Only one driveway per lot is allowed unless approval is granted by the building and engineering department for a second driveway. Maximum single-family residential driveway width is 25’ for a two-car garage, and 35’ for a three-car garage, or fifty percent of the lot frontage, whichever is less. Please see the Battle Ground Municipal Code for more information

Submittal Requirements: ROW Application and (2) copies of site plan with dimensions and location of driveway/approach shown.

Fee: Right of Way

Fence/Retaining Walls

Information: No fence higher than 42" may be built within the required front yard setback. Maximum allowed side & rear fence height is 6’. The structural posts & framing members of the fence must be facing the interior of the lot. Fences & retaining walls 42” or less in height do not require a permit, unless such wall is structurally supporting a surcharge.

Submittal Requirements: Residential Permit Application, Site Plan depicting proposed fence line.

Fee: Fencing Permit


Information: Repair or replacement of HVAC, furnace, plumbing repair & replacement requires a permit. If HVAC/plumbing work is part of an alteration, it shall be included in the alteration permit.

Submittal Requirements: A Residential Alteration permit application.

Fee: Mechanical & Plumbing Permits.

POD (Portable On-Demand Storage)

Information: A permit is not required for PODS that are placed on residential property for 30 days or less. PODS shall be placed on a driveway or other paved surface on property. At no time shall the POD block pedestrian sidewalks; however, it can be placed curbside in a legal parking area with a ROW (right of way) permit & a fee.

Submittal Requirements: To obtain a ROW permit, submit proof of homeowner’s insurance & site plan indicating placement of POD at curbside.

Fee: Right of Way


Information: A permit is required for the re-roofing and/or re-siding of a residence. 

Submittal Requirements: A Residential Alteration permit application.

Fee: Reroofing and residing.

Residential Alteration

Information: An addition or alteration is considered to be an alteration to the house itself. This may include wall removal, wall addition, room addition, window &/or door addition/replacement, converting a garage to a habitable space, or house remodel with changes to structural members.

Submittal Requirements: A Residential Alteration permit application, plans depicting “before” & proposed remodel.

Fee: Based on valuation.

Swimming Pool/Spa

Information: A permit is not required for wading pools less than 12” in depth, or “storable” swimming pools holding a maximum depth of 48”. Swimming pool shall meet setback standards for accessory structures. 

Submittal Requirements: Pool Permit Application, (2) copies of manufacturer’s specifications, installation requirements & pool brochure, (2) plot plans indicating proposed location of pool, property lines, structures & full detail of existing barrier (fencing) surrounding pool. If no existing barrier, please indicate proposed barrier.

Fee: Private swimming pool/Private spa.


Please visit the city Fee Schedule to find the most current fees associated with the permits listed above. You may send your applications to