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The City of Battle Ground received grant funding through the Department of Commerce to develop a Housing Action Plan. This grant opportunity became available due to the adoption of Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill (E2SHB) 1923. The bill provides funding to cities planning under the Growth Management Act (GMA) to adopt actions to increase residential building capacity. 

The City of Battle Ground is looking for proposals from qualified consultants for consulting services to guide the Housing Action Plan for Battle Ground. Consultants must have experience in housing, land use issues, policy analysis, data analysis, public outreach, as well as an understanding of economic development and housing markets. Consultants are invited to submit proposals, which include an outline of their experience and qualifications in performing work directly related to the services required. The project timeline is from September 2020 to June 2021.



Requests for additional information or documents from the City will be posted here on this site, for everyone to view.  

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Questions and Answers

Is there any potential for a digital submission due to COVID restrictions and working across offices?

Yes, in light of safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, as a substitute for the requested 4 hard copies of the proposal, we will accept a digital copy of the proposal as an alternative. Either submit an electronic copy on a CD/DVD, thumb drive, or email sam.crummett@cityofbg.org the link to a drop box to access the proposal.

The submittal criteria includes references, however the evaluation criteria mentions letters of recommendation. Should we include letters of recommendation from clients in our submittal or just their contact information?

We will take letters of recommendation if available, and at minimum contact information for references.

Public involvement: Given the current pandemic situation, are you anticipating having in-person meetings or needing to conduct virtual meetings on Zoom or some other platform?

I anticipate virtual or Zoom meetings will be necessary – at least during the front end of the process.  Please let us know of your capabilities of conducting in person meetings and virtual meetings.

What role will the City take in the public outreach campaign?

The City will have a dedicated webpage for the Housing Action Plan.  We have a public information officer that can facilitate media alerts, Facebook posts, messaging, etc. We would anticipate using the consultant to develop the content of the messaging, and to factor any advertising costs or utility billing insert costs into the consultant’s budget. 

Road Trip documents: The RFP mentions the Road Trip – Mapping Our Future project. Where can we find out more about this project?

We do not have final documents yet for the Road Trip project, since the planning process is still underway.  The latest information we have may be found Mapping Our Future Storymap.