Parklet Program


The City of Battle Ground has put together its first Parklet Program as a way to support local businesses by allowing them to utilize public parking spaces for outdoor eating areas when restaurants are allowed to open during Phase 2 and 3 at 50% capacity.  

What is a Parklet?

A parklet is a small seating area or green space created as a public amenity on or alongside a sidewalk, especially in a former roadside parking space.

Parklet - Outdoor Dining


This option may be utilized by businesses starting on the first day of Phase 2 of Governor Inslee’s order up until midnight on the last day of Phase 3.

Materials used to block off outdoor eating areas may remain in place throughout both phases, but should only be open to the public during normal business hours.

Things to consider when designing your outdoor area: 

  1. Parklets in ROW
  2. Parklets in Parking Lots
  3. Fire Safety
  4. Alcohol

Parklets in the public right of way:

  • You may utilize the parking stalls fronting your business. This can be one or more parallel parking stalls or a few angled spaces.
  • Outdoor areas should be at least 6’ wide, but can expand the entire width of the parking space(s), as long as appropriate buffers are in place. 
  • Seating areas should remain accessible and meet ADA standards.
  • Parklets should avoid underground utility access and electrical transformer vaults.
  • Parklets should avoid corners and intersections in order to allow for safe vehicular travel. It is suggested to provide one parking stall between your parklet and the street corner.
  • If avoiding street corners is infeasible, staff will measure the sight distance triangle, which may affect the size of your parklet.
  • There should be a 4-foot buffer on each side of your parklet. There should also be a 2-foot buffer between your parklet and the road’s travel lane.
  • Make sure your outdoor seating area has appropriate barricades to ensure your guest’s safety.

How to Apply:

Applicants must adhere to Governor Inslee’s Safe Start plan, a four-phase approach to re-opening Washington’s economy.

It is up to the business owner to propose a seating concept to City staff to receive for approval. Each business must activate and appropriately protect its own space per guidance in the application materials.   A 6-foot separation (backs of chairs) must be met. 

As part of your submittal packet, provide a site plan of your parklet containing:

  • Business address
  • Narrative for set-up/take down plans
  • Estimated building location
  • Dimensions of your parklet
  • Dimensions of the buffer surrounding your parklet
  • If your parklet will be covered with a tent a separate permit may be required. See fire safety above for more information.
  • If your parklet will have alcohol
  • Barricade materials
  • Placement of tables, chairs, and other applicable pieces of furniture
  • Dimensions between tables

Applications will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Please submit a copy of your site plan and narrative to the Community Development e-mail address.


Design, installation, and maintenance of the outdoor seating area will be assumed by the business applying for this parklet. Typical right-of-way costs associated with review will not be applied during Phase 2 and Phase 3 of Governor Inslee’s order. If businesses would like to continue to maintain social distancing after Phase 3, permit fees may apply.

City of Aspen Ex. with BG's Dimensions

Dimensional Guidelines

City of Vancouver Parklet Example

Second Dimensional Example

Photo by Mark Hogan from San Francisco, USA - Freewheel Parklet

Parklet 2

DL Evans, Stack Rock Group and erstad ARCHITECTS partnered to create this 2019 parklet.

Parklet 4

DTJ Design, Boulder, CO

Parklet 5