Sharing Our Stories: COVID-19 in Battle Ground, WA

This is a unique and historic moment in time as we respond individually and as a community to a global pandemic. COVID-19, and the actions set in place to prevent its spread, has presented new challenges and experiences that most of us never imagined. 

Stories have significant value to our community today as we are challenged to stay the course with physical distancing and at the same time, maintain our community connections.  They also have historical value for future generations so they might understand what the experience was like for the Battle Ground community.  

Many thanks to those who submitted their stories. 


School has been hard since they let out. Even with one parent not working, it is almost a full-time job to keep my son on task. This is made worse by his ADHD. In the past, he has been able to excel with the support of teachers and time at home to make up work from class, but now it is all we can do to get him through one or two assignments a day. We even had a conference with his teachers to talk about how he’s being stymied by the routine change. Kids with disabilities and behavioral challenges are going to be especially behind in this time. And I hope we take steps to help them regain lost months.

Marilyn Schweizer Moeser, Main Street Floral Company

As a small business owner there’s a lot of uncertainty as to what the future holds. These are frustrating times. I was forced to close my flower shop, even though floristry is considered agricMain Street Floral - beautiful bouquet of flowersulture, it didn’t fall into the essential sector. Despite being able to operate with 0 contact whatsoever and being safer compared to most essential businesses we were still mandated to cease operations. Even though we were told that funding for small businesses would be made available immediately, it never happened. As millions of small businesses applied for these loans it over loaded websites causing portals to crash, therefore making it impossible to get through any portion of the loan application. Eventually we applied for 2 loans and a grant. After weeks of anticipation we received a fraction of one of the loans, but not enough to even begin to compensate a portion of lost revenue. Eventually we were allowed to reopen. Finding product when suppliers are shut down presented another challenge. Permanent closures of flower farmers across the globe limited availability. Pulling together with other florists to share product made it possible for us to resume operations. Fortunately for us more than ever our services are needed. COVID 19 changed the world but it didn’t stop it. We’re the bridge that fills the gap between loved ones who can’t celebrate special occasions. As we continue moving forward, our community has embraced us with love and support in ways I never imagined.

Shauna Walters

"As a full time student at WSU-Vancouver, I have had to rely on technology for classes and group projects like never before. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are under using the technological capabilities in a big way.

"Time management has become the centerpiece of my success with home schooling my 11 year old and getting my school work done as well. One bonus from this time is that we are able to connect more and enjoy taking our evening walks around the neighborhood.

"I’m convinced that we will come out on the other side of this stronger if we all work together."

Stefanie Adams

It never occurred to me that this would be a good time to dust off my Ordained Minister License and start officiating weddings online!

This pandemic has also altered many couples’ marriage timeline, and can send them scrambling for a way that to make things official. Some want their significant others to know that they are going to always be there. Some are hoping to secure their rights, for insurance purposes, as well as other rights afforded to family. Some just feel it is the right time to declare to the world that they are committed.

Licenses can be very difficult, if not impossible, to acquire. Take the great state of Texas, for example! All counties in Texas have closed their doors, except for one-Williamson County, near Austin. You have to apply in person, so couples from every county in Texas are making this trek to Georgetown to apply for their license.

I met my happy couple days through an old friend from my days living in Austin. They figured that since they were going to do this online, it didn’t matter where their Officiant lived, and through my friend, they found me! We had a Zoom meeting, reviewed their desires for their ceremony, picked the date, time, and wardrobe, and now all I need to do is finalize and approve the wording, and make it to the church on time! Many thanks to Williamson County TX for making marriage during the time of Covid simple and streamlined for all parties involved!

Mike Dalesandro