Fire/EMS Annexation Survey

Your input is needed

The City of Battle Ground is surveying residents to gather input on the future of Fire/EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and the idea of annexing into Fire District 3. Fire-EMS Envelope

Surveys will reach mailboxes the week of April 8, 2019; residents are asked to return their surveys to the city no later than April 26, 2019.  If you are a City of Battle Ground resident and did not receive a survey in the mail by Saturday, April 13, you may request one by contacting us at or by phone at 360-342-5004.

Thank you for participating. We are committed to engaging the community to serve you better and incorporate your needs into our future planning efforts.

Survey results will be published mid to late May on this page.  To receive an email or text notification of the results, register for the city's News Flash notifications

What does it mean to annex to Fire District 3?

The area within the city limits becomes part of Fire District 3’s jurisdiction. City of Battle Ground residents would be within the fire district and pay for fire/EMS services directly to the fire district.

Doesn't the city already provide Fire/EMS (Emergency Medical Services)?

Unlike all other Clark County cities, Battle Ground does not have its own fire department nor are we part of a fire district. The city contracts with Fire District 3 to provide services within the city. The current contract expires in 2021 and must be renegotiated, typically every 5 - 6 years.

What is the cost of the Fire/EMS contract?

This year, nearly $3 million - 21% of the city’s general fund.  The general fund is also obligated to pay for other city services such as police, parks and recreation, community development (planning, building, code compliance), and public works (streets and public facilities). 

With 21% of funds tied to the fire/EMS contract, the city has fewer resources and flexibility to fund other public safety services, ongoing maintenance projects, or planned investments that make Battle Ground a desirable place to live. 

FD3 provides fire/EMS in the city of BG

Fire District 3

Why consider annexation into a fire district?

•  Sustainability of fire/EMS services; no more contracts that need to be renegotiated at the risk of lower service levels

•  Annexation is considerably less expensive than the city developing its own fire department; a volunteer department is simply out of the             question for a city the size of Battle Ground.

•  To help fund public safety services, maintenance projects and other priorities identified by the community.

Community focused priorities

More than 2,000 residents participated in last year’s Roadmap visioning survey.  Results show that residents are seeking additional city investment in parks and trails, revitalization of the downtown core, and planning that will relieve traffic congestion and lay a foundation for the future. View the Community Vision & Action Plan.

Value for your tax dollar

Battle Ground has the lowest combined tax rate of any city in Clark County. This prevents us from being able to invest in what the community is asking for.

In an effort to stretch resources we rebid the emergency services contract (awarding it to Fire District 3); laid off employees, cut office hours and services; and have deferred maintenance on parks, streets and public facilities.

While we have held the line on public spending, demand for services is exceeding available revenue and we are losing ground quickly unless a change is made.  Annexation into Fire District 3 would maintain our excellent fire/EMS service and free up city revenue to help fund police services; street, park and facilities maintenance; and other community priorities.

Visit our Taxpayer Information page for additional information about the property, sales, and utility tax you pay for city services. 

Tax Comparison

2019 Tax Comparison Graph

Why Fire District 3?

In 2015, the city sought new proposals for the fire/EMS contract.  Fire District 3’s proposal provided for additional staffing and services for less cost than the previous contract. 

In January of 2016, Fire District 3 began serving the citizens of Battle Ground.  Response times have improved, resources are used more efficiently, and they have demonstrated a strong, personal commitment to the city and its residents.  Annexation would finalize this beneficial partnership.

Fire District 3 Paramedic

Additional Questions?

Please contact Bonnie Gilberti, Communications Manager/Public Information Officer, with any additional questions you may have.