RFP for Land Use Refinement Project & Transportation System Plan Update

Land Use and Transportation RFP

The City of Battle Ground is seeking qualified consultants to contract for services to guide a citywide land use management plan update and associated Transportation System Plan update. The Deadline for submitting is 4:30 p.m. on January 25, 2019.  

Questions and Answers:

Question: Do you expect the goals of the Vision and Action Plan to be carried over, or further refined, as the planning goals for the Land Use Master Plan and TSP?

City's Response: Yes, they should be carried over and further defined in relationship to land use. They should act as the framework for determining planning goals for the future.

Question: Will your Roadmap Navigators continue as the advisory group to this phase? 

City's Response: We will be asking for a group of the navigators to stay on board to ensure the City and Community continue moving forward with the initiatives of the vision. 

Question: What were some of the major successes and drawbacks to your engagement efforts in the Vision work? 

City's Response: We had a very successful engagement process.  We used many social media outlets including an inspirational video and received a lot of feedback from the community.  

Question: Do you anticipate Barney & Worth playing a role on this project? What other public involvement and/or land use planning firms have you worked with over the past 5 years? 

City's Response: We expect Barney & Worth will stay engaged in the project, periodically checking in with progress.  We have not worked directly with any other firms in the last 5 years. 

Question: Please clarify whether you would like a list of references or letters of recommendation. Page 5, under Submittal Requirements, lists professional references. Page 6, under Evaluation Criteria, lists letters of recommendation.

City's Response: A list of references would be sufficient.

Question: Please clarify if you would like full project examples or a project write-up (summary, imagery, and web link if available).

City's Response: For the initial submittal project write-ups are sufficient.  We may ask for more as we move through the selection process. 

Question: Can you please clarify what you meant by “assist the City in the preparation of environmental analysis and permits as required” (page 3, under TSP update)? 

City's Response: We want to ensure we are taking into account critical areas as we develop our land use and transportation system plan.  Depending on the outcome we would hope to be set up to start the environmental process if needed. 

Question: Will the City or consultant be responsible for completing SEPA compliance?

City's Response: Most likely the City; however, depending on the extent of the review needed this could change. 

Question: On page 4 of the RFP says “digital proposals may be submitted via email to erin.erdman@cityofbg.org” and page 5 says “interested parties must submit by the deadline five (5) copies (at least one that is unbound and photo copy ready) and one electronic copy on CD or flash drive”. Can you confirm which delivery method you prefer?

City's Response: For submittals- we need the 5 copies (1 unbound) for our review team to review.  

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