Active Development Projects

Notice of Application (NOA) / State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

The city of Battle Ground combines the notice of application (NOA) comment period with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) comment period, in which local agencies, property owners, or any member of the public may address concerns related to Type II and Type III applications. 

Active NOA/SEPA Notifications

1. Progress Industrial (PR 09-2019 | LUDII 22-0013)

  • Notice of Application

2. Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments

  • Notice of Application
  • SEPA Checklist

Summer 2022

  1. Sewer Plan Modifications – (Council Recommendation: Approve)
  2. Cedars Golf Course Club House – (Council Recommendation: Approve)
  3. Cook Property – (Council Recommendation: Deny)
  4. Tucker Property– (Council Recommendation: Approve)
  5. Principal Properties – (Council Recommendation: Approve)
  6. Mill Creek Property – (Council Recommendation: Approve with Development Agreement)

Fall 2022

  1. Battle Ground School District Capital Facility Plan Update (separate SEPA filed for this by the School District.)
  2. City Water Plan Update
  3. City Comprehensive Plan - Parks Plan
  4. Density increases - Housing Action Plan
  5. D.A. for Mill Creek Property (related to 6 in the summer schedule) 

3. Proposed Municipal Code Amendments

  • Notice of Application
  • SEPA Checklist
  • Planning Commission recommendation to City Council

Active Development Map