Our City's History

1951 -  The Town of Battle Ground is Born

On May 26, 1951 a special election was held in Clark County, WA to determine whether or not a corporation known as the Town of Battle Ground should be established. 

Yes votes prevailed, paperwork was filed and on June 18, 1951, the Town of Battle Ground, with a population of 742, was officially established and recognized by the State of Washington.

View the documents of incorporation.

Documents of Incorporation

Documents of Incorporation

First Battle Ground Town Council - 1951

Photo of First Battle Ground City Council - 1951

1975 - The Town Becomes a City

The Town of Battle Ground became a Code City with Ordinance No. 75-241 adopted by City Council on October 21, 1975.  The City operates under Washington State’s Council-Manager Plan of Government as adopted by a vote of its citizens in 1997.

An Historic Perspective 

This taped interview of Battle Ground’s first 5 Mayors was produced in 1977 for Portland’s Channel-2 Options program.  The City had just marked its 25th anniversary in 1976. It is a valuable record of the opportunities and challenges that faced our growing city and the elected officials who provided leadership during that time.  

The host and interviewer, Doug Hamilton, resided just outside the city near Lewisville Park.   

We thank and recognize the Battle Ground Greater Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) for having the foresight to purchase the video tape ($20.50 in 1977) in order to share it with the community.

List of Mayors 

P.L. "Louie" Rasmussen 1951 -1959

1.  Rasmussen  1952-1959.jpg

Cleon "Mac" W. McConnell 1960-1963

2.  McConnell  1960-1963.jpg

Emil F. Bechtold 1964-74

3.  Bechtold 1964-1974.jpg

Harold W. Gasaway 1975-1976

4.  Gasaway 1975-1976.jpg

Everett Eaton 1976-1985

5.  Eaton 1976-1985.jpg

Frank DeShirlia 1986-94

6.  Deshirlia 1986-1994.jpg

Marvin Brothers 1994-96

7.  Brothers  1995-1996.jpg

William Ganley 1997-2001

8.  Ganley 1997-2001.jpg

John G. Idsinga 2002-2007

9.  Idsinga 2002 -2007.jpg

Michael J. Ciraulo 2008-11

10. Ciraulo 2008-2012.jpg

Lisa Walters 2012 - 2013

11. Walters 2012-2013.jpg

Shane Bowman 2014-15

12.  Bowman 2014-2015.jpg

Philip Johnson 2016-2017

Johnson 2014 web.jpg

Mike Dalesandro 2018-19


Adrian Cortes 2020-21

Councilmember Cortes

Philip Johnson (Current)

Councilmember Johnson