Lt Mike Fort

This is Chief Mike Fort of the Battle Ground Police Department with a message for our community. Amid all the uncertainty that is COVID-19, I want you to know that your police officers are still here keeping you safe.

Although we have changed some service protocols based on recommendations from health experts, our commitment to the community remains resolute.  We have fears like everyone else, but the men and women of the Battle Ground Police Department are committed to keeping our community safe.  We are still responding to crime, and we remain vigilant in watching out for your safety.  Our officers are proud to serve, and profoundly committed to the citizens of Battle Ground.

In order to slow the the spread of COVID-19, and keep as many people as safe as possible, here are a few things we are asking from our citizens:

  • First, call 9-1-1 for life-saving emergencies, and/or crimes in progress. These remain our top priority, and we will respond immediately, as always.
  • Second, if you wish to report a crime that is not life-threatening, we ask you to consider a few options to get your case reported and investigated with minimal direct contact with an officer:
    • Call 311 to report the crime and ask for the officer to call you so they can take your report over the phone.
    • Consider online reporting. This new service is an excellent option for those who have limited time to wait for an available police officer to take the report.  You will immediately receive a case number, and you can rest assured that a police officer will contact you if more information is needed.  You can view the type of acceptable reports as well as file your report online by accessing the Public Safety Citizens Online Portal.
  • Finally, if you would like to meet with an officer regarding a non-emergency type incident, please meet them outside in an open-air environment.  This paired with the County Health Director’s recommendation to practice social distancing by maintaining six-feet distances if possible while communicating with others, will help safeguard both you and our first responders.

The men and women of the Battle Ground Police Department are not only here to serve the community…we are part of the community too.

Our Mission

The Battle Ground Police Department will work in partnership with the community to provide the highest level of service while protecting the peace, and upholding the law with fairness.

Our Values

Integrity: The integrity of the individual member and of the department must always be above reproach. Citizens of our community must always trust their Police Department and every member of our department has an obligation to uphold that trust.

Quality Service: Our responsibility is to provide quality service to all persons, in a professional and efficient manner, and without bias.

Respect: We value human life, and have considerate and courteous regard for all persons. We follow, honor, and defend the constitution of this country.

Accountability: We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Values Logo

Police Department Annual Report

This report highlights some of our department's accomplishments throughout the year.  Additionally, we have identified some goals that we aim to achieve in addition to our responsibility of public safety.