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Existing Occupancy Inspections

The mission or the Fire Marshal’s Office is to protect lives, property, and the environment through fire prevention.  Fire District 3 Logo
This is accomplished through existing occupancy inspections, new construction services, public education, code enforcement, and fire investigation.

Importance of Fire Inspections
Regular Fire and Life Safety Inspections of businesses are a cornerstone of the fire prevention program and are designed to identify and mitigate fire hazards before they become a risk to property and life.  In addition, an effective inspection program directly effects the economic interests of citizens and businesses in our community.

The City of Battle Ground is periodically evaluated for a protection class rating by the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau (WSRB). Fire Prevention represents 16 percent of this rating.  A better protection class rating can result in increased savings for our community in the form of reduced fire insurance premiums for home and business owners.

Fire Inspection Program
Regular Fire Inspections are required in accordance with the Battle Ground Municipal Code and the International Fire Code.  The inspection frequency is based on the specific risk factors associated with business, but generally will range from once a year to once every three years.  Inspection frequency is determined by the business occupancy classification and the presence of required fire operational permits.  

Fire Inspection Fees 
In order to operate an effective inspection program, a fee is charged to each business inspected.  The fees implemented January 1, 2018 are intended to offset costs but do not fully fund the fire safety inspection program. The minimum fee is $150, which increases incrementally based on the size of the business (square footage) and the number of fire operational permits (if any) to be issued for the activities inside. The inspection fee is charged only once and includes re-inspections to verify compliance. The fee table is available by selecting the link below. 

Operational Permits

Fire Operational Permits are mandated to be issued in accordance with the International Fire Code.  These permits are issued for the presence of activities, operations, practices or functions that in and of themselves are sufficiently hazardous to create a distinct fire or life safety hazard.  

Your fire code operational permit is valid until the inspection process is initiated again by the Fire Marshal’s Office (at least a year).  Causes for automatic expiration include a change in business ownership; a change in business location; and changes of conditions specific to the permit. Some fire code operational permits are temporary in nature.  All "temporary permits" have a noted expiration date.  Operational permits are listed in the link below.


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