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LED Streetlight Conversion Project
Project Overview
The city's 2,300 streetlights will be converted to high-efficiency LED (light emitting diode) lighting. The conversion from the current HPS (high-pressure sodium) lighting to LED will reduce power and maintenance costs as well as provide better, more reliable lighting.

LED fixtures use about 50% less energy, last four times longer than HPS fixtures, and provide better service reliability.  With the conversion of all 2,300 streetlights, the city will realize an annual savings of approximately $53,000 in energy costs and another $15,000 on maintenance costs.

The project will begin mid-January, 2018 and take approximately four months to complete.  Cobra head-style streetlights will be converted first and then crews will focus on converting the decorative acorn-style streetlights in neighborhoods. 

Multiple crews in bucket trucks with flashing lights will be on local streets as the conversion occurs.  Motorists are asked to be cautious and slow down as they pass the work trucks.

Updates will be posted to the city's Facebook page.

The cost of the project is fully funded by a WA State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Relight Washington Program grant and Clark Public Utilities’ (CPU)Energy Savings Incentives Program.  The projected allocation of funds are:
  • TIB Grant:  $358,000
  • CPU Incentives Program: $172,000

More about LED Streetlights in the city of Battle Ground
The new lights, rated at a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin (K), produce a warm-white appearance.  LED fixtures improve the amount of lighting on roadways. Unlike HPS fixtures that dump light in a non-directional pool, LEDs emit light in a wider, more focused beam, increasing visibility in darks spots between light fixtures.  The more-targeted LED light also means less light waste or light pollution; with the new LED lighting, stars will appear more brilliant on a clear Battle Ground night. 

The city has conducted tests of LED fixtures in both cobra-head style streetlights, located on main thoroughfares throughout the city, and in the decorative acorn-style streetlights located in neighborhoods.  In 2012, a successful pilot project was conducted on cobra-head lights located on Rasmussen Blvd.  Last year, the city collaborated with residents to determine the preferred wattage for the acorn-style neighborhood streetlights.  Both 27 and 36-watt, 3000K LED bulbs were installed in several streetlights in a residential neighborhood.    Adjacent homeowners, as well as staff and members of the city council, stated their preference for the 36-watt LED bulb.   A larger number of Battle Ground residents have already experienced LED lighting – in September of last year, new LED cobra-head streetlights were installed on South Parkway as part of the road improvement project.

Project Manager
Scott Sawyer, Public Work Director
Phone: 360-342-5075