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Community Vision/Strategic Plan RFP


Requests for additional information or documents related to the RFP must be requested by email to Community Development Director Erin Erdman prior to January 3, 2018. Each request and response will be published to this page.

Misc. Documents
50-Year Vision - January 2002
The Visioning Process
50-Year Vision Map


1. Can companies from outside the USA apply for this RFP?
Anyone is welcome to submit a proposal.

2. Will we be required to come to the City of Battle Ground for meetings?
Yes, there will be facilitation and scheduled meetings that will require attendance within the allocated budget.

3. Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside the USA?
Most tasks could be performed remotely, keep in mind you will be competing against other proposals that will be on location. Each proposal will be rated on the totality of its respective merits, including the anticipated efficiency of the methods they employ.

4. Can we submit the RFP proposals via email?
Hard-copies are required to be submitted, please refer to the submittal requirements in the RFP.

5. Does the City want the strategic plan to focus on goals in the near-term (e.g., a five-year strategic plan) or will this be an update to the 50-year plan?
The City would like to see both near and long term goals.

6. Is the review of the City's zoning map configuration covered in the scope of this engagement (i.e., would urban planning be part of this scope)?
Not at this point. The City would like to get some direction out of this exercise but land use and zoning will be phase 2.

7. Does the City have a budge range in mind for this engagement?
Not to exceed $100,000.