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Community Vision/Strategic Plan RFP


Requests for additional information or documents related to the RFP must be requested by email to Community Development Director Erin Erdman prior to January 3, 2018. Each request and response will be published to this page.

Misc. Documents
50-Year Vision - January 2002
The Visioning Process
50-Year Vision Map

Answers to submitted questions: 

Can companies from outside the USA apply for this RFP?
Anyone is welcome to submit a proposal.

Will we be required to come to the City of Battle Ground for meetings?
Yes, there will be facilitation and scheduled meetings that will require attendance within the allocated budget.

Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside the USA?
Most tasks could be performed remotely, keep in mind you will be competing against other proposals that will be on location. Each proposal will be rated on the totality of its respective merits, including the anticipated efficiency of the methods they employ.

Can we submit the RFP proposals via email?
Hard-copies are required to be submitted, please refer to the submittal requirements in the RFP.

Does the City want the strategic plan to focus on goals in the near-term (e.g., a five-year strategic plan) or will this be an update to the 50-year plan?
The City would like to see both near and long term goals.

Is the review of the City's zoning map configuration covered in the scope of this engagement (i.e., would urban planning be part of this scope)?
Not at this point. The City would like to get some direction out of this exercise but land use and zoning will be phase 2.

Does the City have a budge range in mind for this engagement?
Not to exceed $100,000.

Why is the City pursing Community Vision and Strategic Action Plan now, and why was it not integrated into the 2016 Comp plan Update?
Staffing and budget did not allow for this to take place prior to the 2016 Comprehensive Plan update.  We are starting this multi-phased project now in preparation for the next Comprehensive Plan update

Is this new effort seen as analogous to the 50-year Vision in terms of process and horizon?
To an extent.  The 50-year vision was very broad, this exercise needs to be more specific in nature with a shorter horizon (20-years). 

What does the RFP mean by “passive” engagement?
Providing other avenues for citizen engagement that does not require them to be on a committee or in attendance at all events.  Potentially using social media, surveys etc to broaden participation.

Is the Strategic Action Plan intended to be a more public-facing economic development strategy or something more internal to guide City actions on investment, service provisions, budget management, human resource and policy?
It should have both.  It is intended to facilitate a connection with the community so they can voice what they want to see in terms of services, amenities, and issues related to growth and then focus on internal action and how to move forward,

Is the branding effort targeting this process, or is it intended to address the larger community identity?
Larger community Identity

What data on historic growth trends is available from the City? Is it the City’s goal to compile additional data on numerous factors to define these historic growth trends?
The city currently has this broken down by year and by use type as well as historic comprehensive plan data.  Some data compilation will be necessary however not the focus of this exercise.

Is it part of the scope for the consultant to coordinate strategic action plan adoption/ recognition by other regional stakeholders (schools, parks districts, state agencies—primarily highways and parks, County Planning, County Rail, etc)? 
The consultant would assist with plan adoption and recognition by other stakeholders in conjunction with City Staff.

The RFP lists letters of recommendation in the evaluation criteria, but the submittal requirements section asks for a “list of professional references”. Could you please clarify your expectation? Reference contact information associated with the proposed project team’s qualifications or pre-written letters of recommendation?
Pre-written letters of recommendation or professional reference contact information corresponding to the work samples provided.  The goal is to hear how the process and experience of getting to the final product was for other clients.

The RFP asks for “work samples”, would the City like copies of full work samples or just project write-ups describing previous work? 
Copies of full work samples

The RFP asks for 5 copies (1 unbound) and one E-copy of the submittal.  If full work samples are required, can one hard copy and one E-copy of each work sample be provided or would the City like 5 hard copies of each work sample? 
One hard copy and one electronic copy would be sufficient for work samples.

Can you please clarify the intent of the branding task, what is anticipated? 
The intent is through public participation and evaluation of the built environment finding something the City identifies with.  What makes Battle ground unique?

How many residents does the city have access to via its email data base or has access to via other entities (such as school district, etc.)?
The City does not maintain an e-mail database nor do we have access to other entities.  There are a number of subscribers to various city website notifications but they are not identified by name or if they are a resident of the City.

Are you open to having interviews/meetings facilitated virtually as well as in-person?

As part of Phase I, is your expectation for the consultant to gather community input on preferred modes of information-sharing and engagement throughout the process, or is your preference for the consultant to conduct the public involvement program/forums throughout the process?
Conduct with staff assistance

As part of the environmental scan, would you expect the consultant to conduct additional research, e.g. benchmarking cities with similar demographics, in addition to employing standard methods such as document review, conducting focus groups and key informant interviews, etc.?

Is the expectation for other consultants to conduct the land use and zoning study, update capital facilities plans, the transportation system plan, the park plan and lead the park facility development, as well as to conduct other sub area planning, all scheduled to take place during phase 1 and 2 of this project? Will the consultant hired under this RFP have access to those plans/studies, in order to inform the development of the city’s Community Vision and Strategic Action Plan?
No the additional updates will occur after the Community Vision and Strategic Plan phases are complete.  The consultant will have access to the current studies.