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Comprehensive Plan
Comprehensive Plan Update
The City of Battle Ground is updating its Comprehensive Plan. The current plan, adopted in 2007, covers 2007 to 2024. The update will extend the current plan's growth outlook from 2015 to 2035. We expect to complete the update project in June 2016.

Updates will refresh policies and elements of the plan with an eye toward population and employment growth over the next 20 years. With this growth comes potential for increased demand for residential, commercial and industrial land, parks, schools, services, utility facilities and roads.

Public Participation
Public input is a major part of the 2016 update. This website is designed to encourage and facilitate public involvement. We will keep the information on this site current, and hope you will use it to comment on parts of the plan that might change.

Clark County along with all its jurisdictions have been working towards adopting planning assumptions to use as the basis for the updated Comprehensive Plan.

Here are the highlights of the adopted assumptions

Proposed UGA Expansion

Draft Comprehensive Plan
The City of BG is entering into the approval process for the updated Comprehensive Plan. In August 2014, the City began this update in accordance with the requirements of the Growth Management Act. WA State has set June 2016 as the deadline for completion of the project. 

Updates to the Plan will refresh policies and elements regarding population and employment growth for the next 20 years. With growth comes the potential for increased demand of residential, commercial and industrial lands, parks, schools, services, utility facilities and roads.

We encourage your feedback! Please use the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update Comment Form to submit your comments to the public record for consideration of the 2016 Comp Plan. 

DRAFT - City of Battle Ground Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035

Chapter 1 Introduction - DRAFT
Chapter 2 Livability - DRAFT
Chapter 3 Land Use - DRAFT
Chapter 4 Housing - DRAFT
Chapter 5 Growth Management - DRAFT
Chapter 6 Environmental - DRAFT
Chapter 7 Economic Development - DRAFT
Chapter 8 Parks, Recreation & Open Space - DRAFT
Chapter 9 Transportation - DRAFT
Chapter 10 Capital Facilities - DRAFT
Chapter 11 Public Utilities - DRAFT

2015 - Parks Plan Update - DRAFT 

Current Comprehensive Plan
Cover and Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Livability
Chapter 3: Land Use
Chapter 4: Housing
Chapter 5: Growth Management
Chapter 6: Environment
Chapter 7: Economic Development
Chapter 8: Parks, Recreation and Open Space
Chapter 9: Transportation
Chapter 10: Capital Facilities
Chapter 11: Utilitities

Comprehensive Plan Map
Comprehensive Plan Designation Table

Associated Master Plans 
Parks, Recreation and Open Space
This plan provides a guide for how the City acquires, develops and maintains various park facilities within the City of Battle Ground.  The includes large scale parks, pocket or neighborood parks, trails, recreation facilities and open space lands. 

Figure 4.1 Existing Facilities
Figure 8.1 Service Areas Map 

Transportation System Plan
Water Master Plan
Sewer Master Plan
Stormwater Management Plan 

Erin Erdman

Community Development Director
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Sam Crummett
Planning Supervisor
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