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Water Rates
The City of Battle Ground provides water service to approximately 5,600 customers delivering 472 million gallons of water annually. Water is billed in units of CCF (100 cubic feet). Each unit equals 748 gallons.

Water is pumped into the City's system from several deep water wells located throughout the City. The utility has reservoir facilities located on Tukes Mountain and in Horse Thief Canyon.

Current capacity and future plans for improvement to the system should assure residents that the City will be able to accommodate the future water needs of the growing community. Through constant monitoring, testing, repairing and upgrading of the system, the City provides a safe, reliable water supply to its customers. The City is currently working on a project to draw water from Clark Public Utilities wells as a back-up to seasonal water demands.

Basic Meter Charge  Inside-City per month rate - includes 3 ccf  $14.00
Residential Consumption Inside-City per 100 cubic feet
 4 - 15 ccf  $2.24
 >15 ccf  $2.80
Basic Meter Charge Commercial  5/8" meter $21.14
 3/4" meter  $23.33
 1" meter  $39.88
 1.5" meter  $71.25
 2" meter  $110.37
 3" meter  $219.64
 4" meter  $350.77
Commercial Consumption Inside-City per 100 cubic feet $3.50
Commercial Irrigation Annual connection $49.17
De-activation charge $21.85
Outside the City Rates and charges are all 1.5 times the in-City rates and charges