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Annexation Program
Annexation is the process by which cities extend their municipal services, regulations, voting privileges, and taxing authority to a new area. One of the primary reasons for annexation is so that the City can regulate growth and development in a manner consistent with the City's vision. Annexation can preserve a growing urban area as a unified whole. It can also facilitate the full and efficient use of existing municipal resources.

Annexation boundaries are typically determined through a variety of factors including the ease of service delivery, the relationship to the existing City, whether there will be support from the property owners, that it is a logical growth pattern for the City, etc.

Annexation is a way to realize the policy decisions that were made when the existing Comprehensive Plan was adopted. The current Comprehensive Plan anticipates that the City will be the ultimate urban service provider for all land within the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB).

Additional Information
        Provides an overview of the steps required for annexation.         Gives details on the services available for residents of Battle Ground.         Provides a comparison of properties within the City and in 
        unincorporated Clark County.         This handbook, produced by Municipal Research and Service 
        Centers, provides a comprehensive explanation of the annexation 
        process within the State of Washington. 


Current City Limits and Urban Growth Area Map 
This map illustrates properties within City limits and those that are in the current Urban Growth Boundary.  Areas within the Urban Growth Boundary are eligible for annexation.

Zoning Map
The zoning map shows the development zone for each property within the City limts and the Urban Growth Boundary. Zoning for the properties within the Urban Growth Boundary are only applicable after annexation.


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