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Long Range Planning
The Growth Management Act, passed in 1990, directed the cities within the State of Washington to plan for growth to help combat suburban sprawl, environmental degradation and related issues that accompany rapid population growth. 

Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan provides broad guidance on development practices within the City to address those concerns reflected in the Growth Management Act.  The plan is intended to reflect expected growth for a 20-year period.

Battle Ground Shoreline Master Plan
The State Shoreline Management Act requires counties and cities to update their Shoreline Master Programs (SMPs). SMPs contain goals, policies, and regulations that govern activities on and near lakes, streams, and rivers. Most local SMPs date from the 1970s, and must be modernized to reflect today's conditions and address new state requirements. For the City of Battle Ground, this is a new plan.  As such, after receiving approval from the Department of Ecology on December 10, 2012, the Battle Ground Shoreline Master Program is now in effect as of December 24, 2012.

50-Year Vision
The vision concepts outlined in the 50-Year Vision and Map are intended to provide guidance to the Comprehensive Plan, Transportation Plan and other future policies.  The guiding principles of this document include: Identity, Neighborhoods, Environment, Growth, Areas of influence, Downtown, Transportation, Economics, Growing Up, Parks and Recreation and infrastructure. 

Central Main Street District Plan
The Central Main Street District Plan was developed from the concepts and guiding principles that were established in the 50-Year Vision Plan.  The purpose is to allow for this area, as shown on the District Map is a half-mile stretch of Main Street, bounded by SR503/NW 10th Avenue on the West and N. Parkway Avenue on the East and extending a half-mile to the north and south.  This area is to be planned as a cohesive district in order to take advantage of new opportunities and to build upon current strengths within the area.    

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